Visitor and Family Prescreening Process 

To help control the spread of disease and maintain an infection-free environment at American Family Children's Hospital, we ask your assistance in taking steps to safeguard our patients' health and the health of families and visitors:
  • Please do not enter the hospital if you currently have a fever, sore throat, diarrhea, rash, bad cough, runny nose, or congestion, or if you have in the past month had, or been exposed to, chicken pox, measles, tuberculosis, mumps, whooping cough, strep throat or any other contagious disease
  • Wash your hands frequently before, during and after visits to the hospital
  • Before visiting, all visitors will be pre-screened at the security desk
Visitor Screening
  • If a parent or family member is accompanied by children when security issues access cards for American Family Children's Hospital, security will ask the adult to review a prescreening form.
  • If the parent or family member states that a child does not have symptoms, security will issue a colored wrist band to both the family member and the child; the wrist band denotes clearance to visit the patient and participate in playroom activities. The color of the wrist bands will change weekly.
  • If family members and/or visitors do present with symptoms, hospital security will contact the patient's nurse, who will advise on visiting the unit. If it is deemed that visiting the patient would not pose a risk, the family member/visitor will be informed of the limits of the visit (e.g., the person with symptoms may only visit the patient's room and not the playroom, to protect other patients and siblings). Security will issue a yellow wrist band as a way to identify limits of activity and to indicate that the person should interact only with the patient he or she is visiting, and not others.
  • Parents of siblings visiting Tyler's Place will be asked daily if there have been any health changes since their last visit.
  • Family members and visitors will be screened at security on a weekly basis and reissued a new colored wrist band at that time. The color of the wrist band will change on Monday mornings at 8am.
  • The American Family Children's Hospital Guest Depot staff will contact the nursing unit for a nurse to intervene when large groups of people want to visit.