After-Hours Visitor Badges 

Anyone wishing to stay after normal American Family Children's Hospital Visiting Hours (9pm) must have their stay approved by staff in the care area where the patient is staying.
Extended Hours Badges
They must also have an "Extended Hours Visitor" badge. Badges are issued by security staff from the Security Office located on the first floor of the American Family Children's Hospital near the public elevator lobby. You may also call (608) 890-5555.
Badges must be worn at all times, above the waist so they are easily seen by all. Hospital employees may ask to see your visitor badge. This is to confirm identification and the expiration date of the badge; if the badge is outdated, you will directed to the security office.
Nightly Conclusion of Visiting Hours
American Family Children's Hospital staff will clear patient care areas of visitors just prior to 9pm. There will also be an overhead announcement advising that visiting hours have ended and visitors are requested to leave. Only those with approved "Extended Hours Badges" will be allowed to stay.
Anyone arriving after 9pm must check in with security, and only after nursing approval will they be allowed to enter a patient care area.